Frequently Asked Questions

The good news is that it’s just like riding a bike and if you can operate a smartphone, then you’ll find a Kola eBike a breeze. There is one button to switch the bike on and one button to give you more or less power assistance which you only adjust when you start riding and occasionally if you encounter a hill or a headwind. Once you start pedalling the bike does everything for you and depending on the level of assistance you set, it will feel like a permanent tailwind! We take you through all of the aspects of the bike, the display, the motor, the battery as part of our one-on-one rider induction process, so leave all the stress to us.

All Kola bikes are covered by our third-party Rider Rescue. This means you are always covered, 24 hours a day. Rider Rescue is available Australia wide, in areas where Uber and 13Cabs operate, just call them on +61 3 8376 888 and let them know you have a Kola eBike and need rescuing! How’s that for peace of mind! For a list of cities in which Rider Rescue operates, see here. All T&Cs are here.
Once you get to your destination, give us a call and we will come to you and either repair or replace your eBike depending on what needs to be resolved.

No, but we think that’s where the beauty lies. All Kola bikes are fully recycled and refurbished which means that you are helping to divert more waste from landfill. It also means that your Kola will come with some “character”, but that’s a small price to pay for doing a whole lot of good. But rest assured, every Kola eBike undergoes a 50-point quality and safety inspection before deployment into our fleet.

At this stage we have a pilot fleet available for organisations and events. If you’d like your own Kola, give us a call and we will add you to the waitlist.

We’d love more people to be experiencing the joy of electric bikes, as well as activating old bikes and stopping them ending up in landfill. So give us a call and we can discuss some options with you.

Bummer! Call us immediately and take note of where you last parked, when you last saw your Kola eBike and when you last used it. We will immediately start investigating and let you know about the next steps.
All Kola eBikes come with in-built double locks, including battery locks. Always remember to double lock your bike and to lock your battery in place. These tips can also help to reduce the likelihood of theft.
If someone steals it (or you lose it) when double locked, you’ll pay a surcharge. All details on our included theft insurance can be found here.

Your Kola eBike comes with a rear rack battery which has been sized to optimise between range and weight. Lots of factors influence how far you can go including the combined weight of the bike, and the load you are carrying, as well as factors such as wind, hills, and how much you choose to pedal versus letting the motor do the work. Typically, you should achieve between 30 - 60km on a single charge. Keep an eye on the handlebar-mounted display to see your battery level and know when to recharge so you never run out of assistance.

All Kola eBikes come with front and rear lights as standard. These are powered by the main eBike battery, so you’ll never have to worry about charging them separately. They can be turned on and off from the handlebar-mounted display controller. Kola recommends turning them on whenever you ride, to provide that extra layer of safety, regardless of whether it is day or night.

Your Kola eBike comes with a charger that plugs into any standard 240V wall socket. Typically, the battery takes around 4 hours to charge from completely flat.
  • After one hours' charge, the battery should have around 50% (or half) of its capacity filled.
  • After two hours, the battery should be 75%, three quarters charged.
  • After three hours, it will be around 85%-90% full and takes progressively more time to fill the very last of the capacity.
It's better for the battery to let it charge to just 90% rather than wait for the full 100% charge - it saves time too!

If you can’t bring your Kola eBike close to a charge point, you can lock the bike up, and then unlock the battery for easy charging. Your Kola induction will walk you through how to do this.

Absolutely. While we wouldn't recommend setting off into a downpour, all Kola bikes are water-resistant and shouldn't encounter any problems riding in the rain. All Kola bikes come with mudguards, so you should be largely protected from road spray from the tyres. Like all bikes, they benefit immensely from being allowed to drip dry under cover and if things start getting all muddy, give us a call and we will schedule a mobile service.

Don't ride through any puddle deep enough to submerge any part of the bike's underside. This area is home to the bike's control unit (brain!) and doesn't take kindly to being fully immersed for obvious reasons.

Do not panic! Once your bike is out of juice, it will continue to function as a standard bicycle, albeit a little heavier and slower. Keep an eye on the handlebar-mounted display controller which always shows you the state of charge, just like your mobile phone. You’ll soon get a feel for how much battery is used on your most typical daily and weekly routes and can keep it topped up overnight or at your destination to ensure you never have to ride without power assistance.

Yes. Ebikes operate using a Pedal Assist System (PAS) - start to pedal, and the motor will activate; stop, and the motor stops - it's a smooth push that feels a lot like being suddenly lighter and fitter. You can decide how much assistance you want from the motor by switching between the display's different levels, from the least assistance (Level 1) to the most assistance (Level 5). You can even ride on Level 0!

The laws covering eBikes in Australia require a maximum assistance level of 250W and 25kph. Your Kola eBike complies with these laws. You can ride faster than 25kph (for example with a strong tailwind, or down a hill), but the motor will cut out above 25kph. This also means that you don’t need any special licence. Just your regular bike helmet.

Your rear rack and basket is fine to carry up to 15kg. As you add more weight to the basket, it will alter the centre of gravity of the bike, so make sure you take it slowly and carefully and build your confidence with the different ride feel of a loaded bike.

At Kola, we’ve approached this a little differently. All Kola eBikes come with everything you need to get out of your car and onto your eBike. Mudguards - tick! Integrated lights - tick! Basket - tick! The only thing you need to choose is whether you’d like to mount your phone on the handlebars for easy turn-by-turn navigation with our optional Quad Lock.

Quad Lock products are designed to attach smartphones to bikes and enable hands free use of devices. Quad Lock recommends only interacting with your phone when fully stopped, or it is safe to do so. Quad Lock products are to be used at users’ own risk, and it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with all local laws relating to the use of smartphones whilst in/on a vehicle.

If you think of an accessory that would enhance the Kola ride, let us know as we are always looking to improve the user experience.

Kola respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land, the people of the Kulin Nations. We pay our respect to their Elders, past and present. We acknowledge and uphold their continuing relationship to this land.

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